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~A nOrMaL jOuRnAl Of A tEeN mOtHeR~

~*~*I'm JuSt A gIrL nAmE mArY*~*~
18 March
My name is
_ .·*·._ _ .·*·._ _ .·*·._ _ .·*·._
¥*·. M .·* *·. A .·* *·. R .·* *·Y .·*¥

im a mommy to Samantha Nicole Giese she was born jan 22nd at 11:54am
she weighed 9lbs 6.5oz people who like making fun of me or dont like me i say click the little x button on the right bye bye

well ive made my lj friends only for certain reasons.
if you would like to be added just reply to my friends only comment thingy.
thank you.
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My weight is going to be recorded now because I want to lose weight and I want to figure out how much I need to lose. I am a senior in highschool. Graduating May 2005.

Recent update.
I am still 18 I am graduating May 2005. Go panthers. jk
But I am going to college fall 2005. Sam is already 21months. My baby is growing up. I am getting my letterman this yr go me. I am trying to make straight A's so far all A's and B's but one C which I take 7 classes.
Well that is all bye

old update:
I am 18 yrs old.
I'm a teen mother. I gave life to the most beautiful baby girl on Jan 22,2003. I was only 16yrs old when I got pregnant and gave birth to her.But if any one is curious I had her by C-section. At 11:54am. She weighed 9lbs 6.5oz.

Oct. 20, 2005:
I am now 19 yrs old. My daughter will be 3 on Jan 22, 2006. I graduated May 2005. I am attending St. Phillips College in San Antonio. I dont live with my parents no more. I live with my aunt.
I have myspace now. Look for me on http://www.myspace.com/mary_lou_2005
That is about all.

This is what my daughter looks like now I love her to death. She is 16months now.
Pictures of me and my daughter. Almost recent pics.
I think i'm the most ugliest girl on earth, but yet I find my daughter very pretty. I wonder how that happened

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sammie_sam_2003i made journal about my daughter samantha it has pictures and stuff about her in general
broken_dolly_05 Its a photo lj for my pictures of my daughter and me plus family friends and etc.. I would appreciate people not to take pics off of it though no copyrights or anything playgurlmelly made the lj alot better then i could have thank u

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